Saturday, May 2, 2015

After you hand cut a couple hundred or so, you get pretty good at it!

 Wooden toy making may not have been her final career choice, but Elizabeth was pretty darn good on the band saw.  Following a curved pencil line with a band saw is tricky enough, but believe it or not, cutting a straight line can be an even bigger challenge.  Later, we figured out some sliding table jigs that made cutting straight lines a lot easier, and we even figured out systems for cutting almost perfect curves and circles every time, but in 1974, we were just following the line, and trying to keep our fingers away from the blade!
 Above she is cutting a nice straight line along the hood of the Rolls Royce, and below, inspecting the final cut out blanks.  Behind her right shoulder are a few of our airplanes mentioned in the earlier blog entry about patterns.  The axle holes are drilled, and the wings are glued in place.  Next will come a 3/4" hole for the little wooden pilot.  Behind  the planes I believe are a couple people cars for one of our four car trains!
These blanks look pretty good, and next we will add axle holes for wheels, the window hole, and the hole for the spare tire!

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