Sunday, June 3, 2018

Letter to my friend Walter Watts - 6/3/2018

I have been thinking about your response to my little  Facebook essay about my 1600th daily diary entry.  To quote - "Good for you Don.  I started my life story 10 years ago and got stuck.  Takes stick to it stuff which you have and I don't."

I want to make a few comments which I will direct to Walter Watts, but which I will share with others on Facebook, because it seems like I have some thoughts that might be helpful.

First, my diary is a separate thing from my dream of writing the history of The Toycrafter - my wooden toy business that I started in a friend's basement back around 1972, and continued to be the center of my life until I sold it in 2002.  Such a long story, and such a monumental task to write it all down.  Added to The Toycrafter story is the story of Don Olney - even longer - and full of other things that really have nothing to do with The Toycrafter!

On the diary front, both my Mom and Dad wrote diaries for a while that were not daily entries like we associate with diaries.  Both of them wrote weekly summaries.  I do not know if they each knew the way the other was writing.   Dad did so on his computer.  He loved playing with his computer - both writing, and working on family genealogy!  Mom left a handwritten diary in her desk - found by me after her death, and I never shared it with Dad.  It was only a couple of years, but she also did a weekly summary format.  Just a little additional note - I have a little collection of old diaries, Some from my family, and a few others.  I get a daily e-mail from E-bay telling me about new diaries listed there for sale.  Fascinating stuff, but amazing how many diaries sputter out after a few days, weeks, or months.  (Sometime I may write a little essay on my observations about the sale of diaries on E-bay.) (Maybe another essay on the death of diaries with the advent of blogs, and the subsequent death of blogs with the advent of Facebook!)