Sunday, June 14, 2015

Spinning wings bee pull toy

Another early toy was our Bee Pull Toy.  At the time, I don't remember any sense of thinking about the Fisher Price Busy Bee.  That one used gears to spin the wings - in mine, the dowel that the wings are attached to just rests on the top of the wheels, and due to the different diameters, the wings spin quite fast.  I remember being quite surprised that for a pull toy, the string was supposed to be only 12 inches long.  Now that I know more about kids, I realize that they are just about the right height for a 12 inch string!  I find it interesting  that my fascination with insects came out in my earliest designs.  This bee pull toy, and an even earlier butterfly pull toy with flapping  wings, reflect that interest.  I know I have one of the butterfly pull  toys around somewhere, so will post a picture at a later date when I find it.  Below is a video of this toy in action!  If video below does not work well, click here
Apologies for the gap in posting - it has been a busy past few weeks.

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